8 Cheap Hot Air Balloon Rides for Northern Greece

FAIRFor many of us, riding across the sky in a hot air balloon is the stuff that childhood dreams are made of. Now, this magical way of exploring the world is more accessible than ever before in Greece with ballooning available in many areas around the country. Following Kalamata and Meteora, hot air balloons have made their way to the skies of Thessaloniki and are being used by the Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF) as a promotional strategy to attract more visitors to the event while also casting the spotlight on the city’s newest tourism attraction.

Hot air balloons will be sent to eight cities in Northern Greece giving guests the chance to experience the buoyancy of floating through the skies in a balloon for a fraction of the cost they would expect to pay. While prices in Thessaloniki are usually at 150 euros for 1.5 hours, the special prices during TIF will be at 20 euros per person, giving visitors an exquisite opportunity to experience the joy of drifting through the quiet skies while enjoying a bird’s eye view of the bustling city lies beneath their feet.


The staggering experience can be enjoyed from August 29 with participants getting a chance to take to the skies through to September 5 in the following areas.

August 29 – Serres at 7 p.m. Eleftherias Square

August 30 – Kilkis

August 31 – Edessa

September 1 – Kozani

September 2 – Larissa

September 3 – Katerini

September 4 – Kavala

September 5 – Veria



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