Nikos Good vs Nikos Evil, and the 2 Sides of Playmobil

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A couple of Greek Playmobil enthusiasts used Germany’s iconic toy figurines in an innovative way –  to show the two clashing sides of Greece. There’s the sun, sea and light featured in the works of Nikos Rakkas, and then there’s the dark side with political messages by Nikos Papadopoulos.

Which do you prefer?



It’s not so bad Happy Father, unhappy Greek
Interior designer and photographer Blogger, astrophysicist and professional screenwriter to toymaster
The Playmobil project began by accident while he was testing a new camera. He was in London at the time and thought that a Playmobil photo collection was just what the city needed. He began to use Playmobil as a medium when purchasing toys for his son. It dawned on him that the plastic men, women and children could be used to cast a political message.
He uses the figures to evoke childhood innocence and showcase the beauty of Greece. The photographs have been displayed at exhibitions in London and Greece. He uses the figures for his blog, Plasticobolism that spread a dark and gloomy message with playfulness.
Media outlets, such as the Guardian and Independent, have showcased his work. An unexpected moment of joy came when he saw his work featured as the cover of a group exhibition in London next to artists like 3D, Massive Attack, Paul Smith etc. Playmobil was not happy and complained that the blog and Facebook page violated its rights as it used the name Playmobil (hence, Papadopoulos changed the name, but kept the figures)

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