5 Facts about Bart Van Der Linden, the Flying Dutchman at the 6th Red Bull Art of Motion at Santorini

The flying Dutchman Bart Van Der Linden – a professional freerunner who travels the world for his passion – rightfully claimed his place at the top spot of this year’s circuit after flying, flipping and twisting his way to success atop Santorini’s clifftops at the 6th Red Bull Art of Motion from September 28-October 1.

This year there was plenty of new blood in the competition. But it was the Dutchman’s turn to shine as he leapt his way to the winner’s circuit after defending Greek champ DK Kyrsanidis was knocked out of the competition. Here are five things we know about the Van Der Linden and his winning style:

1. Chuffed by his big win at Santorini after being awarded 383 points (out of 500), he said: “I can’t believe this is even real! I told myself to remain true to my own style, do my own thing and that’s what got me to first place. I’m the happiest person in the world right now!”

2. His favorite places to practice freerunning in his home town in Amsterdam are Amstelspot and Johnny spot, both are near Amstel Station. The latter is a great place for all levels with smaller and larger objects like walls and climbing frames.

3. Van der Linden’s motto is “To be and to last!” He views freerunning as psychologically demanding as it is physically demanding as he strives to perform the same movements at heights as he does on the ground. Rule no 1 for the Dutchman is to always stay in control.

4.The Dutchman has posted hundreds of videos of himself doing parkour. He says that the rule is to video it or else it didn’t happen. He uses the videos to improve his technique with slow motion being a good way to analyze tricks.

5. Before freerunning the flying Dutchman pulls his tricks on a trampoline. Getting outdoors on adventures & strange spots is all he needs.


The top six runners were: 

1. Bart Van Der Linden (Netherlands)
2. Alfred Scott (USA)
3. Joey Adrian (USA) – Also best trick
4. Calem Chan (USA)
5. Petro Salgado (POR)
6. Nathan Weston (USA)

And the top woman was:


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