VIDEO: What’s Happening at Oreokastro? 2 Dead, 1 Injured, Riots and Racism

A speeding car killed a refugee woman and her underaged son outside Fessa refugee settlement camp where they were staying at Oreokastro, northern Greece, late Sunday. The woman died upon impact, but her son was rushed to hospital where he later died. Another child, survived the accident, and is in hospital.

The driver, aged 76, was taken into custody, but this was not enough to appease the refugees that reacted by rioting and torching the car of the driver as well as rubbish bins outside the camp.

Police units were deployed to the area, dispersing stun and flash grenades, however the refugees decided to organize sit-ins on Monday calling for safety measures in the road outside the camp.

Twitter user Ali Borsan posted photographs from the accident on social media:

The latest incident has come to fan a volatile relationship between residents and refugees in the area of Oreokastro. Up until a few weeks ago few people had even heard of this region of Greece, however it came to the spotlight after parents at local schools protested against refugee children’s lessons at the same facilities as their children.



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