Reshuffling the Deck for 2 Reasons: The Greek PM’s 47 New Players

The long-awaited new government line-up  was finally announced by the government late on Friday.The goal was to:

(1) woo lost voters by bringing in new faces, new blood, and an air of youth in the hope of reigniting the spark that leftist SYRIZA once had as a fiesty opposition party but lost as it left behind a string of broken promises;

(2) woo EU creditors by getting rid of ministers opposed to privatizations considered a “must” if Greece is to keep to its bailout terms in exchange for debt relief (provided its EU partners keep their end of the bargain).


Government Spokeswoman Olga Gerovassili announced the new government line-up late on Friday, with most of the central players in bailout talks in tact. This means that Finance Minister Euclid  Tsakalotos will continue to lead Greek finances and negotiations, however former economy minister George Stathakis replaced Panos Skourletis as energy minister as the latter had expressed opposition to the full privatization of the Public Power Corporation.

The choice of Dimitris Papadimitriou, former chief  of the Levy Economic Institute of Bard College, who is relatively unknown in Greece stirred interest. Most of the focus however was on the entry of newcomer Effy Achtsioglou, aged 31, as Labor Minister after she had proved herself as ready for the task when heading her predecessors office.

For most, the removal of controversial education minister Nikos Filis did not come as a surprise following his blows with the church and inflammatory statements made in the past regarding the non-recognition of the Pontic genocide. Sources state that Filis had personally asked Tsipras to leave him in his place and not give the church the satisfaction of his removal.

The new Government of 47 members + 1 PM will be sworn in at 13:00 on Saturday making it the largest government group of Modern Greek history.


Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras                                                                                                                  Vice President Ioannis Dragasakis
Ministry of Interior Affairs

Minister: Panagiotis Skourletis
Deputy Citizens Protection Minister: Nikolaos Toskas
Deputy Macedonia-Thrace Minister: Maria Kollia-Tsaroucha
Ministry of Finance and Development
Minister: Dimitris Papadimitriou
Deputy Minister: Alexandros Charitsis
Deputy Minister: Stergios Pirtsiolas
Ministry of Digital Policy, Telecommunication and Information 
Minister: Nikos Pappas
Ministry of National Defence
Minister: Panos Kammenos
Deputy Minister: Dimitris Vitsas
Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs
Minister: Konstandinos Gavroglou
Deputy Research Minister: Konstandinos Fotakis                                                                     Deputy: Dimitris Baxevanakis
Deputy: Konstandinos Zouraris
Ministry of Labor, Social Security and Social Solidarity Minister                                               Minister: Effy Achtsioglou
Alternative Minister for Unemployment Matters Ourania Andonopoulou
Alternative Minister for Social Solidarity: Theano Fotiou
Deputy Minister for Social Security: Anastasios Petropoulos
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Minister:Nikolaos Kotzias
Alternative Minister for European Affairs:Giorgos Katrougalos
Deputy Minister:Ioannis Amantidis
Deputy Minister for Greeks Living Alone: Terence Spencer Quick
Justice, Transparency and Human Rights Ministry
Minister: Stavros Kontonis
Deputy Minister:Dimitris Papangelopoulos
Ministry of Finance 
Minister:Euclid Tsakalotos
Deputy Minister: George Chouliarakis
Deputy Minister:Katerina Papanatsiou
Ministry of Health                                                                                                                                Minister: Andreas Xanthos
Deputy: Pavlos Polakis
Ministry of Restructure and Administration
Minister: Olga Gerovasili
Ministry of Culture and Sports 
Minister:Lydia Koniordou
Deputy Sports Minister: George Vasileiadis
Ministry of Environment and Energy 
Minister: George Stathakis
Deputy Minister: Socrates Famelos
Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport 
Minister: Christos Sprintzis
Deputy Minister: Nikolaos Mavrogiannis
Ministry of Migrant Policy
Minister: Ioannis Mouzalas
Deputy Minister: Ioannis Balafas
Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy                                                                                               Minister:Panagiotis Kouroumblis
Deputy Minister:Nektarios Santorinios
Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food
Minister: Evangelos Apostolou
Alternate Minister: Ioannis Tsironis
Deputy Minister: Vasilios Kokkalis
Tourism Ministry
Minister: Elena Koundoura
State Ministers: Alexandros Flambouraris, Christoforos Vernardakis
Alternate Prime Minister:Dimitrios Liakos
Government Spokesperson:Dimitrios Tzanakopoulos


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