12 + 1 Reasons to Celebrate Black Friday in Greece

Black Friday is just a few hours away, and crisis-hit Greece has gone all out to welcome the post-Thanksgiving sale in the hope that it could give some joy to retailers. Though Black Friday tentatively entered the Greek market – bearing in mind that Thanksgiving isn’t a local feast – this year there are more retailers than ever joining in the sale with deals of up to 80 percent off regular prices.

Last year’s big chains are back with bonanza deals, but even small retailers are vying for a share of the Black Friday market. Though, at these prices, they may as well be giving goods away.

It may be called Black Friday, but in Greece opinions range over 100 shades of grey. Images of crazed American consumers waiting for shops to open are not the stuff that Greeks would wish to emulate. Some members of the Athens Traders Association worry that the shopping event could backfire as far as smaller retailers are concerned. They started a drive to inform members planning to participate about where Greek legislation draws the line, especially regarding shopping hours (close at 21:00). The Piraeus Trade Association, on the other hand, encouraged members to take part. In an announcement, it stated that Black Friday aims to “reinvigorate purchases ahead of Christmas, as it allows consumers to participate in unique offers.”

The Federation of Private Employees of Greece (OIYE) begs to differ. It states that it will indeed be a “Black Friday for workers, consumers and commerce” in the true sense of pitch Black.

Still, the deals are tempting –

1. Public bookstore – Many deals e.g. PlayStation 4 (500GB Slim) with two games and one controller at 299 euros from 439 euros), and the Xbox One (1 TB) at 199 euros from 439 euros.

2.Factory Outlet – stockhouse  – 80 percent off and free breakfast

3.Gap – 25 euros off every purchase over 100 euros with deals on November 25-26

4. Media Markt – Deals from November 24-265. Athens Metro Mall – All stores will have Black Friday deals

6. Oysho – 20 percent off the Oysho collection (online as well)

7. Plaisio electronics storeKotsovolos – Christmas deals on all appliances

8. Germanos electronics store – 60 percent off

9. McArthur Glen discount mall – 80 percent discounts on already discounted goods

10. River West mall

11. Jysk – Danish household goods retail chain will extend its Black Friday sale to Cyber Monday.

12. Prince Oliver clothing chain deals

+ 1 Don’t want to wait in long queues? Don’t forget to check out online Black Friday deals that kicked off on Amazon on November 14.


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