37 Athenian Suburbs Shut Down Schools Due to Snow

Athenians are no strangers to snow, however it is usually limited to the northern suburbs and mountains around the Attica basin. In the Athens centre, pollution and traffic usually prevent snowfall from settling, however this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t snow. In fact, from 1900-2012, Athens enjoyed a total of 500 days of snow, meaning 4.5 days per year on average.

When the snowflakes do settle, schools are usually shut down. And January 10 is no exception, with announcements for school closures coming one after the other, fearing that the conditions will cause problems for their students. Here’s the list of school closures so far, though parents in areas not listed would do well to call up their schools in the morning just in case:

1. Agios Stefanos
2. Anixis
3. Dionysos
4. Drosia
5. Kryoneri
6. Rodopolis
7. Stamata
Childcare facilities from 1-7 will remain open.
8.Agia Paraskevi
9. Penteli
10. Vrilissia
11. Pallini
12. Anthousa
13. Geraka
14. Peristeri
15. Acharnes
16. Vari
17. Voula
18. Vouliagmeni
19. Dionysos
20. Koropi
21. Lavreotika
22. Marathona
23. Markopoulos
24. Paiania
25. Pallini
26. Spata-Artemida
27. Rafina-Pikermi
28. Saronic Gulf
29. Oropos
30. Alimos
31. Glyfada
32. Elliniko
33. Paleo Faliro
34. Moschato
35. Ilioupoli
36. Daphne
27. Municipality of Piraeus, including Nikaia, Drapetsona and Korydallo
28. Peristeri
29. Chalkoutsi
30. Nea Makri
31. Porto Rafti
32. Kalamos
33. Kapandriti
34. Chalandri
35. Nea Palatia
36. Avlona
37. Nea Smyrni

ACS, Leontios and other private schools will also be closed for the day. The list is constanty growing, so check in the morning if your child’s school is not on this list by either calling or visiting your Municipality’s website.


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