8 Turkish Coup Officials in Greece Pen a Dead Man’s Letter

Greek weekly newspaper Proto Thema published a letter penned by the eight Turkish military officers who fled to Greece in an army helicopter following the failed Turkish coup on July 15, 2016. The letter, written in English, explains why the men feel they are not traitors and explains that the men will face harsh repercussions if extradited to Turkey.

The fate of the men hangs in the balance, as their case will be examined by the Greek Supreme Court, amid a climate of diplomatic pressure and a tug-o-war between Turkey, Greece, the EU and human rights groups.

“We believe in Greek Justice. Whatever the result we believe we will face a fair trial”, they write and express their faith in the independent judicial system in Greece.

Currently held at the Olympic village in Athens, they state that they were compelled to flee as they were shot at. They state that they were in a state of shock. Now, they fear for their lives, knowing that a return to their homeland would have brutal consequences like the ones already demonstrated by authorities against Turkish soldiers. They spend their time drawing their children, remembering their loved ones and hoping that Greece doesn’t cave into Turkish demands for their extradition, knowing full well that they face charges of treason, charges that they fully deny.




Sketching their children:








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