116+ Greek Events for the August Full Moon [List]

Ancient marbles bathed in the silver light of the moon come alive once a year in Greece during the midsummer night’s full moon in August. Archaeological sites and museums around the country open their doors to the public free of charge, giving visitors the chance to enjoy a walk between the moonlit-drenched statues. The accompaniment of music sonatas, theater and dance events just makes the events all the more magical. So much so that you can almost feel the pleasure of the moon goddess Selene, who was depicted by the ancient Greeks as riding her horse side-saddled sprinkling her selas (light) across a twinkling sky.

The Ministry of Culture unveiled a series of events that run from August 17-21, culminating on August 18, the night of the full moon. More than 116 archaeological sites, monuments and museums around Greece will be open to the public from 17:00 until 24:00 free of charge. Scroll down for an event near you.


Events for the full moon night of August 18


KAVALA-THASOS Archaeological Museum of Thasos The museum will be open until 22:00 and the courtyard will be open until midnight.
KAVALA-THASOS Archaeological Museum of Anaktoroupolis Neas Peramou Music performance at 21:00
KAVALA-THASOS Ancient Theater of Philippi Choral and music presentation at 21:00.
KAVALA-THASOS Archaeological Museum of Kavala Open to the public from 19:00-22:00
DRAMA Archaeological Museum of Drama Open from 20:00-22:00
DRAMA Archaeological Site of Kali Vrysi A performance, titled “In the Light of the Moon”.
DRAMA Archaeological Site of the Acropolis of Platania Event, titled “Full Moon at the Acropolis of Platania”.
EVROS Archaeological site of the Great Gods of Samothrace Music event by the Saos Quartet, titled “Greek dances”, works by Nikos Skalkotas in collaboration with the Municipality of Samothrace.
XANTHI Archaeological site of Abdiron A guided walk and night of poetry from 19:00-24:00.


THESSALONIKI Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki The ballads of Vassilis Lekkas under a starry night at the central courtyard of the museum makes for a romantic interlude at 21:00.
THESSALONIKI Roman Agora of Thessaloniki Open from 20:00-24:00
IMATHIA Courtyard of the Royal Tomb of Aegis Music from 21:00-24:00
IMATHIA Courtyard of the Byzantine Museum of Veroia Jazz concert with songs from musicals from 21:00-24:00.
IMATHIA Ancient Theater of Miezas Philharmonic of the Municipality of Naousa and Echoes group from 21:00-24:00.
PELLA Ancient Site of Pella Jazz trio at 21:00. The site is open from 21:00-24:00.
PELLA Archaeological Site of Longou Edessa Music event with the Jazz Quartet of Diego Rivera (tenor, saxophone). The event kicks off at 21:00. The site is open from 20:00-24:00.
PELLA Old Metropolis of Edessa Open from 21:00-23:00.
CHALKIDIKI AND AGHIO OROS Ancient Stageira Concert in collaboration with the Municipality of Aristoteli by the mixed choir of Arnaia. Presentations by Manos Hadjidakis, Mikis Theodorakis and Stavros Xarhakos are to be performed. The site will be open from 08:00-24:00.
CHALKIDIKI Byzantine Culture Museum String Demons perform classical, traditional, heavy metal, and even pop, rembetika and ecclesiastic music that they have incorporated into their reportory. Byzantine hymns. Begins at 21:00.
SERRES Archaeological Site of Amphipolis Open from 08:00-22:00.
SERRES Villa Rustica – Archaeological Site of Angista Open event at the school. The site will be open to the public from 08:00-22:00.
PIERIA Archaeological site of Kitrous – Ancient Pydna A music event, titled “Moonlight at Pydna”, kicks off at 21:00.
PIERIA Ancient site of Livithron, Livithron Park A music and theater event titled, “A window is a song”, by the Law Association of Katerini and the Leptokarya Arts and Letters Foundation. Kicks off at 21:00.
PIERIA Byzantine Church of Pydna Temple – Makrygialo Castle The site will be open until 22:00.
PIERIA Megaron Kitrous (Louloudies) The site will be open until 22:00.
PIERIA Heuzey Macedonian Tomb The site will be open until 22:00.
PIERIA Platamonas Castle The site will be open until 22:00.
PIERIA Petralona Cave Free entry for the public from 20:00-23:00.


KASTORIA Tsiatsiapa Mansion at Apozari Kastoria Music event by Blues Wire from 20:00-24:00.
GREVENA Old School of TK Spilaio (in the ancient fort) S. Dimaki speech, titled “Archaeological Palimpsest of the Cave from the Prehistoric to the Roman Period”, at 20:30, followed by speech on Byzantine and Post-Byzantine antiquities at the cave at 21:00 and music from 21:30-22:30.
KOZANI Archaeological Museum of Aiani Black-and-white photo display and art events. Music at the courtyard  from 21:00-24:00


ARTA Archaeological Museum of Arta Sky observation using telescopes. The area will be open from 08:00-24:00.
THESPROTIA Archaeological site of Elea Music event co-orgainzed by the Municipality of Souli. From 20:00-24:00.
THESPROTIA Archaeological Museum of Igoumenitsa The museum will be open from 20:00-23:00.
IOANNINA Archaeological site of Dodoni The site will be open from 20:00-24:00.
IOANNINA Archaeological site of Megalos Gardikios Concert by Greek singer Melina Kana, from 20:00-24:00.
IOANNINA Castle of Ioannina – Acropolis of Its Kale Recital by mezzo soprano Alexandra Grava. From 21:30-23:30
PREVEZA Roman Conservatory of Nikopolis Music in the light of the moon by the Trio Incontro (soprano, piano and violin). The program is titled “Melodia Sentimental” and includes songs from around the Mediterranean.


KARDITSA Temple of Apollo Music event by Lamia Bedioui and the Dessert Fish. Songs from Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Spain, Italy and Greece with an ethnic twist. From 20:00-24:00.
KARDITSA Lighthouse (Fanariou) Castle Music event by the group “Local Escapes” that is co-organized by the Municipality of Mouzakiou.
LARISA Byzantine Castle of Velikas Music event and one-act plays from 20:00-24:00.
LARISA Ancient Theater of Larisa Site open to the public from 20:00-24:00
LARISA Theopetras Cave Free entry to the cave for the public from 20:00-24:00.
MAGNESIA Archaeological site of Fthiotidon Thebes Nea Anhialou Music night with singer Errika Patrikiou and pianist Elias Hatzoglou. Kicks off at 21:00.
TRIKALA Byzantine Castle Music event titled, “My Shiny Moonlight”, dedicated to Yiannis Spanos and Mimis Plessas. Open from 20:00-24:00.


ZAKYNTHOS Domeneginis Castle, Argasi Photo exhibition and music event at 20:00
CORFU Old Fort of Corfu, “Versiadas” Matzaros Philharmonic at 21:00




Plevronas Archaeological Site Theater presentation from 21:00-24:00.
ACHAIA Patras Archaeological Museum Open from 20:00-24:00.
ACHAIA Archaeological site of Rio Fort Music events with Greek and foreign songs inspired by the moon.
ACHAIA Castle of Patras Open from 20:00-24:00.
ILIAS Outdoor Museum of Olympia String concert dedicated to Greek composers. Begins at 21:00.
ILIAS Ancient Site of Olympia Open from 21:00-01:00.
ILIAS Archaeological Site of the Hlemoutsi Castle – outside Music meeting of the mixed choir from around the region begins at 21:00
ILIAS Archaeological Site of the Hlemoutsi Castle Open from 20:30-00:30.




Castle-Archaeological Museum of Lamia Music with saxophone and a tour of the venue from 20:00-24:00.


Byzantine Museum of Fthiotida and Ipati Music with a tour of the museum from 20:00-24:00.


Archaeological Museum of Atalanti Music night and a tour of the site from 20:00-24:00.


Archaeological Site of Proerna-Neo Monastiri Renowned Greek singer Glykeria sings works by Manos Hadjidakis and Mikis Theodorakis from 20:00-24:00.
EVIA Karababa Castle, Halkida Photo display inspired by the moon from 21:00-02:00.
VIOTIA Municipal Square across from the Lion of Heronia statue Concert with Greek music by Rita Antonopoulou at 21:00. The Archaeological Museum of Heronia will be open from 20:00-24:00.
VIOTIA Courtyard of the Archaeological Museum of Thebes Music event with Nona Voudouri and the women’s choir of the region at 21:00. The museum will be open until 22:00.
VIOTIA Park across from the Archaeological site of Orhomenos Music event begins at 20:00, however the site will be open from 19:00-22:00.
FOKIDA Archaeological Museum of Delphi Sculpture exhibition by Athina and Aphrodite Liti at 19:00.



The Acropolis Museum will also be celebrating the Full Moon with the “Swingin’ Cats” to carry audiences away with their crazy swing and rock ‘n’ roll melodies. Admission will be free and the museum will be open until midnight.

  • NOTE: The Acropolis is sorely missing from the list because the surface is too slippery and unsafe for night visits in low light situations – that’s the official reason they’re giving us.
EAST ATTICA Archaeological site and Museum of Vravrona Guided tour of the site from 19:00-20:30. Jazz music from 21:00-23:00.
EAST ATTICA Archaeological Site of Sounion, Temple of Poseidon Open from 20:00-24:00.
CITY CENTER Numismatic Museum – Iliou Melathron Mansion Zoe Tiganouria concert with traditional music from around Greece, Asia Minor and the Mediterranean at the cafe of the museum from 20:00-24:00. The museum will be open until 20:00.
CITY CENTER National Archaeological Museum Music and dance presentation by the Ballet of Cuban State Television, Alejandro Ceballos. Guided tours around the museum and a display of artworks.
POROS Archaeological site of Poseidon at Kalavreia and Poros Piano recital from 20:00-24:00.
AEGINA Ancient site of Afaia Aigina Music events titled “Temple” of 45 minutes duration each. The site will be open from 21:00-24:00
KYTHIRA Castle of Kythira Open from 21:00-24:00
ELEFSINA Archaeological site of Elefsina Concert by Sonia Theodoridou in the framework of Aeschylus festival. Open from 20:30-23:30.


LACONIA Acropolis of Ancient Sparta Music event, whereas site to be open to the public from 08:00-24:00.
MESSINIA Nestoras Palace Music night by the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Mynicipality of Pylos at the courtyard of the Palace of Nestor. Open to the public until 24:00.
MESSINIA Castle of Kalamata Open from 20:00-24:00.
ARCADIA Ancient Theater of Mantinia Music of Greek and foreign composers, titled “In the Light of the Moon”. The venue will be open to the public until 24:00.
ARCADIA Castle of Astros Music event, titled “Swinging Under the Stars”, is a journey through operettas and musicals. Art display focused on the medieval castle in 1256. The castle will be open until sunset.
PYLOS Pasas Building of the Fort of Pylos Open from 20:00-24:00.
PYLOS Makrygianni Building of the Fort of Pylos Open from 20:00-24:00




LESVOS Upper Castle of Mytilene Music event features classical opera in the moonlight, from 20:00-01:00.
LESVOS Castle of Myrina Limnou Music night in collaboration with the Municipality of Limnos and the Dimitris Mavrakis group. Photo display of the night sky from 20:00-01:00.
CHIOS Archaeological site of Emboriou The site will be open from 20:00-01:00
CHIOS Byzantine Museum of Chios The site will be open from 21:00-01:00.
CHIOS Ottoman School and Castle of Chios Photo display, titled “The School of the Caste: The Transformation of a Building Over the Years”. Open from 20:00-01:00.
SAMOS Archaeological Museum of Vathi The museum will be open from 20:30-23:30.
SAMOS Archaeological Museum of Pythagorio The museum will be open from 20:30-23:30.
SAMOS Archaeological site of Iraio The site will be open from 20:30-23:30.
IKARIA Archaeological Museum of Aghios Kirykos The museum will be open from 20:30-23:30.


PATMOS Nikolaidis Mansion Open from 20:00-24:00.
RHODES Archaeological Museum of Rhodes Open from 20:00-24:00.
KOS Roman House – Casa Romana Open from 20:00-24:00.
DELOS Archaeological site of Delos Children’s choir of “Dimitris Finis” in collaboration with the Municipality of Mykonos.
NAXOS Ygria Naxos Music, dance and theater from 21:00-23:30.
PAROS Archaeological Museum of Paros Poetry tribute to Nikos Kavvadias by the Mythodia Choir. Open from 20:00-24:00.


HERAKLION Archaeological Museum of Herakleion Music nights. Events to take place from 21:00-23:00.
CHANIA Archaeological Museum of Kisamos Art display by Anna Gioumbaki Xyrouhaki, titled the color of the moon from August 13-21.
CHANIA Archaeological Site of Aptera (Aloni) Traveling on the wings of music from 21:00-24:00.
CHANIA Archaeological Site of Rokkas State Orchestra of Thessaloniki performs with 85 musicians from 21:00-24:00.
HERAKLION Venetian fort of Rocca a mare Concert by Cretan traditional singer Loudovikos ton Anogion at the fort at 20:30.
HERAKLION Archaeological site of Malia Music event by the choir of Malia. The site will be open from 21:00 onwards.
HERAKLION Archaeological site of Gortyna Music event titled, “Singing with Melina”, features works by well-known Greek composers that wrote music scores sung by Melina Mercouri. The site is open from 20:00 until the end of the event.
HERAKLION Archaeological site of Phaestos Open from 20:00-23:00.
HERAKLION Archaeological site of Tylisos Jazz music by Sol Voyage. The Archaeological site will be open from 21:00 until the end of the event.
RETHYMNO Kalo Horafi, Mylopotamos Guided tour from 19:00-20:00 followed by music.
ANOGIO Cave of Idaiou Androu Poetry, music, theater and other events begin at 20:00.



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